About Me


I’m Renee. I’m a wife, mama, and Emotional psychology enthusiasts. I am a passionate self-motivated person, I love interacting with people from different walks of life, and I am generally a talkative person so It’s only natural that I would want to have a place where I can be free to share my views.
I started mprintshow.com as my own personal blog, but then I decided to share information that can help people.

As I mentioned I am a people person, and so that means if I find something good, I want to share it with others.Or if I have a bad experience with something, I want to save other people from going through what I went through.

I started by sharing Life Style& psychology content on this website, and then I decided to share online dating tips because I met my husband online and through my online dating journey I experienced all kinds of things.So, I decided to not only share my experience but also share tips that could make your life style journey smoother than mine.

If you are a Highly Sensitive Person, a high achiever, someone who struggles with anxiety, an Adult Child of any type of dysfunctional family, or a couple struggling with closeness, Renee is particularly interested in working with you!